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  • Fears for three Myanmar journalists taken by military
  • Google hit with record 2.4 bn euro EU fine
  • Meet the new last word in English: zyzzyva
  • Royal funeral preparations will be ready in September, says Prayut
  • Xi’s book on governance wins sweeping global impact
  • S’pore minister questions why PM’s brother wants Oxley Road house demolished now
  • Philippines‘ House approves bill on ‘correct’ rendition of national anthem, stiffer penalties
  • Grenfell disaster highlights UK’s infrastructure problems
  • Donald Trump’s lack of interest in Africa
  • Higher court upholds imprisonment on drink-driving student who killed three cyclists
  • Higher court upholds imprisonment on drink-driving woman who killed three cyclists
  • InfoMigrants: weekly newsletter
  • US airstrike on Syrian ‚IS‘ prison kills dozens of civilians, claim activist groups
  • Only one public holiday for Royal cremation of the late King
  • After Merkel hints at gay marriage, rival Schulz calls for speedy vote
  • Commerce chamber wants elevated rail track in Korat township
  • Cambodian authorities to investigate arms trafficking
  • Srebrenica massacre: Dutch peacekeepers partly responsible, court rules
  • Albania’s Socialists win ruling majority in parliamentary elections
  • US tech giants join forces against terror content
  • Germans not opposed to same sex marriage
  • United States‘ global image suffering under Donald Trump’s presidency: survey
  • Colombia’s coca growers feel left behind despite FARC deal
  • One suspected police attacker in North Sumatra used to spend six months in Syria
  • Ayutthaya temple denies misappropriating state subsidy
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