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  • China’s stability bodes well for Asia
  • HM the King invited to China for state visit
  • Ascott acquires Synergy Global Housing for US$33.7m
  • Cambodian finance sector enjoys growth in first half
  • Grab to tap Didi, SoftBank for funds in $2.5 bn top-up
  • AMLC set to probe Metrobank fraud
  • Sarawak Energy in talks for power exchange
  • Parents of terminally-ill UK baby end fight for US treatment
  • Blast kills at least 20, injures dozens in Pakistan’s Lahore
  • Philippines‘ Duterte vows unrelenting drug war
  • Thailand and Brunei share insights on education
  • Five injured in Swiss chainsaw attack: reports
  • Swiss chainsaw attacker wounds five
  • Baby Charlie Gard’s parents agree to let him die
  • Opinion: Polish President Anderzej Duda frees himself
  • Jared Kushner denies colluding with Russia after Senate Intelligence Committee meeting
  • Trump son-in-law: ‚Nothing to hide‘
  • Diesel emissions kill. What is the car industry going to do about it?
  • IGAD: ‚War in South Sudan must end‘
  • Charlie Gard’s parents give up legal battle on child’s treatment
  • Cumhuriyet newspaper trial begins in Istanbul as part of Erdogan’s post coup crackdown in Turkey
  • Air Asia plane’s tyre burst at U-tapao airport
  • Cabbie and security guards charm Briton by returning his missing wallet with cash
  • China and Russia combine naval forces in the Baltic Sea
  • At least 22 killed in Lahore suicide bombing
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